Okay so I spent two days on this, skipping homework because the idea was so fresh in my mind I couldn’t pass it up! I know the fitness room doesn’t have shit inside, the program I used didn’t have anything to add for fitness equipment. And now you all get the first paragraph of my RMWT fanfiction starring none other than DAAAVE STRIIIIDER!

Speckles of light illuminate the emerald grasses below, making their green sheen even more vibrant beneath the tresses of golden light. A light, gentle breeze caresses all that come in its path, curving around the shapes of every object before it. There seems to be a shift though, as the winds embrace comes upon a boy, none older than 16, standing on a dirt road in front of an average sized craftsman house. In his arms holds a large cardboard box, his seemingly lanky limbs holding the heavy object with ease as his pale, pure-diamond blonde hair wafts up in the wind to billow into his face. He doesn’t really mind this though, head tilting towards the bright blue sky, shockingly pale skin luminescent in the afternoon sunlight. His face shows little expression, most of his features covered by dark, mirror black aviators, though his mouth can be seen curving into a very slight smirk as he notices a cloud drift across the sky, wishing he could join it and dance within the expanse of blue. Today is the day where would start his new life, Bainbridge Island, only a boat ride away from Seattle. Dave couldn’t help but wonder what his life would end up being like now, and with that thought his large wings, which have been perfectly folded against his back, expand to embrace the warm breeze of his new life, feathers black as pitch compared to the bright, sun drenched glow of the pleasant afternoon.

Well I hope you like this! I’ll be posting a new Dave ref since I realized the old one needed changes. AND IT WILL HAVE COLOR SO HELP ME GOG! (also the program I used is called HomeStyler. It’s a wonderful program but it lags A LOT. So you have to be patient with it.)
**Edit: I forgot to add the location of Dave’s house! XD I’m so silly.